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The Rice Group team always stepsfor the best services to financial market participants
Weekly financial market analysis by the Rice Group team and colleagues is posting weekly on the Telegram channel



The Rice Group team is cooperating in a variety of areas related to financial markets, consulting, and software project implementation.


Rice Group team, with the benefit of many years of experience in offering financial markets, always provides the most specialized and professional software related to financial markets at the service of activists in this field.

Account management

Leave the management of your trading account to our team safely
Rice Group team manages your account in the best possible way by using professional trading robots and experts.


The Rice Group team is ready to invest in software projects and financial systems related to the financial market with experts, if you have a specific idea in (your)mind, we will help you.


The Rice Group team has always tried to take a step towards improving the views of market participants with the latest training related to financial markets. Most of the Rice Group trainings are free.


True Trend


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Copy trade


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User Api


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MQL To Telegram


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Rise Panel


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Learning the market programming language

Algorithmic trading in the market is always one of the most popular and attractive items among market participants
Rice Group has started teaching these languages ​​for the first time in Persian and has been shared for free on the Internet.
Languages ​​taught
MQL4 – MQL5 – Calgo-Python are the languages ​​most used in domestic and global financial markets
The Ross Group team has taken a big step in improving the level of knowledge of activists in this field by launching the specialized website of Iran MQL and the articles posted on this site.
With the policies of the Rice Group team, www.iranmql.com has become a world-class professional training resource for programming enthusiasts.

معاملات الگوریتمی

Reach your goals in the financial markets with our team in the best and fastest way


Continuous and professional training will always keep you on the right track, our team has always tried to provide the best training related to financial markets at the service of loved ones.


You can consult with our team in the field of investing in Forex financial markets, foreign stocks and cryptocurrencies with a new perspective to get acquainted with market realities and protect your capital.


We always answer your questions so that you can take an open step in this regard


Step into the financial markets with our various programs including portfolios and trading programs

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Rise Group Fx has started with the aim of producing software and training related to financial markets. Rice Group financial market software is designed to help financial market participants,
Rice Group FX is always trying to provide financial services to the financial market activists by producing unique, training applications and applications, and to provide the best services to our dear friends by keeping the trainings and software up to date.
All responsibility for using the software and educational materials rests with the user.

Unfortunately, it has been seen a lot that people misuse the name or logo of this group to engage in miscellaneous activities and abuse financial market participants.
This group operates on the same site as well as the Telegram, YouTube and Instagram channels with the addresses at the bottom of this post. Do not trust anyone who abuses our name or Lego outside this framework.



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